Wuthering Heights Chapter Summaries


Volume I, Chapter I:

  • Lockwood visiting Yorkshire pays his landlord, Heathcliff, a somewhat unwelcomed visit in order to introduce himself
  • Introduction to Lockwood, Heathcliff, Joseph (servant) and Zilah (servant)
  • Description of Wuthering Heights pg 4-5
  • Lockwood gets attacked by dogs pg 6-7
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Volume I, Chapter II:

  • Lockwood repeats his visit to Wuthering Heights and meets Catherine Heathcliff and Hareton pg 9-12 (descriptions)
  • Lockwood is forced to stay the night due to bad weather
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Volume I, Chapter III:

  • Lockwood sleeps in the forbidden library
  • Has two dreams:

1) Religious dream pg 23-24

2) Dream about Catherine Linton as a child pg 24-25

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Volume I, Chapter IV:

  • Introduction to Nelly Dean (servant)
  • Nelly takes over narration from Lockwood        (Important!) pg 35
  • Reader learns about Heathcliff's history and the family relationships which currently prevail
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Volume I, Chapter V:

  • Nelly recounts how the family's relationships develope as Mr Earnshaw is dying
  • First sustained description of Catherine Linton as a child
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Volume I, Chapter VI:

  • Hindley returns to Wuthering Heights with his new wife, Frances
  • Hindley makes Heathcliff's life misery, however, him and Cathy remain inseperable
  • Introduction to the Lintons and Thrushcross Grange
  • Heathcliff and Cathy venture out to the neighbouring house. Cathy is attacked by the Lintons' dog, she has to remain there till she's well enough to return pg 49
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Volume I, Chapter VII:

  • Catherine returns from her 5 week stay at Thrushcross Grange transformed into a lady
  • During this time Heathcliff is excessively abused by Hindley
  • The end of the chapter reminds the reader that Nelly is telling the story to Lockwood (Important! - structure of the novel) pg 63
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Volume I, Chapter VIII:

  • Hindley's son, Hareton, is born
  • Frances dies of consumption and Hindley declines further into recklessness
  • Relationship between Catherine and Edgar is developed and tension between Edgar and Heathcliff is intensified
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Volume I, Chapter IX:

  • Catherine choses Edgar over Heathcliff
  • Heathcliff disappears
  • Catherine falls ill - goes to recuperate at Thrushcross Grange
  • 3 years pass - Edgar becomes master of Thrushcross Grange and marries Catherine
  • Nelly leaves Hareton reluctantly to join Catherine's household
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Volume I, Chapter X:

  • Catherine now married to Edgar lives in luxury and peace with Edgar's sister Isabella at Thrushcross Grange
  • Heathcliff returns transformed
  • Heathcliff goes to stay with Hindley at Wuthering Heights
  • Isabella develops an infatuation for Heathcliff, he does not feel the same, however uses it to his advantage to place revenge upon Edgar and higher his status
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Volume I, Chapter XI:

  • Nelly returns to Wuthering Heights and is appalled to see it has deteriorated and also appalled to see how Hareton has developed
  • Heathcliff calls at Thrushcross Grange and make overtures to Isabella (displeasing to Edgar and Catherine)
  • Fierce arguments between Catherine, Edgar and Heathcliff break out
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Volume I, Chapter XII:

  • Catherine becomes dreadfully ill
  • Isabella leaves secretly to marry Heathcliff
  • Edgar disowns Isabella
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Volume I, Chapter XIII:

  • Catherine is diagnosed with brain-fever
  • Edgar nurses her devotedly
  • Letters from Isabella to Edgar and Nelly suggests that she regrets marrying Heathcliff pg 136-144
  • Heathcliff and Isabella now live at Wuthering Heights, Isabella doesn't have an ally, she begs Nelly to call 
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Volume I Chapter XIV:

  • Nelly goes to see Isabella
  • Heathcliff is determined to see Catherine, Nelly reluctantly acts as intermediary 
  • Time switches to the present - The doctor calls on Lockwood, Lockwood reflects that he must be cautious of falling in love with Catherine Heathcliff (Cathy 2) for fear that she may resemble the first
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Volume II, Chapter I:

  • Lockwood resumes the narrative only to impersonate that of Nelly Dean
  • The narrative recommences with Heathcliff's visit to Catherine which upon discovery by Edgar cause Catherine to faint and fall into further illness
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Volume II, Chapter II:

  • Catherine's daughter, Cathy Linton, is born (2 months premature)
  • Catherine dies in childbirth
  • Heathcliff knows before Nelly tells him
  • The funeral is held one week later
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Volume II, Chapter III:

  • Hindley dies not long after Catherine
  • Isabella moves to the soutn of England, where a few months later, Linton is born
  • Heathcliff now lives with Hareton at Wuthering Heights, he hears of his son's birth through gossip
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Volume II, Chapter IV:

  • 12 years pass
  • Isabella writes to Edgar informing him she is dieing, he takes Linton to live with him at Thrushcross Grange
  • Whilst Edgar is away Cathy meets Hareton at Wuthering Heights
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Volume I, Chapter V:

  • Isabella dies, Edgar returns with Linton
  • As soon as they arrive Heathcliff demands Linton's presence at Wuthering Heights
  • Edgar is forced to deliver the boy the next day
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Volume II, Chapter VI:

  • Nelly takes Linton to Wuthering Heights where Heathcliff professes his disappointment in the child
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Volume II, Chapter VII:

  • Cathy is at first disappointed at Linton's disappearance (to Wuthering Heights) However, soon accepts it
  • On her 16th birthday she meets Heathcliff and goes to Wuthering Heights where she sees Linton again and learns of her various relationships
  • She confronts father (Edgar) of her new found knowledge
  • She learns of Heathcliff's plan for revenge and agrees not to visit the Heights again, however, finds a way to correspond with Linton
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Volume II, Chapter VIII:

  • Edgar becomes ill
  • Heathcliff encounters Cathy and informs her that Linton is dying of a broken heart owing to her abrupt termination of their correspondence
  • Cathy sets out to see Linton
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Volume II, Chapter IX:

  • Cathy and Nelly visit Wuthering Heights
  • Quarrel about the nature of marriage
  • Linton persuades Cathy to return the following day
  • Nelly falls ill
  • Cathy able to visit Linton unimpaired by any restrictive supervision
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Volume II, Chapter X:

  • 3 weeks later Nelly gets better - Cathy frustrated at this
  • Nelly discovers Cathy's deception
  • Discussion of ideal heaven between Linton and Cathy
  • Hareton attempts to read again - he is mocked
  • Nelly tells Edgar abot Cathy's visits, which are promptly stopped
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Volume II, Chapter XI:

  • Edgar realises his death is imminent
  • He arranges correspondence with Linton reassuring himself of Cathy's future
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Volume II, Chapter XII:

  • Cathy and Linton meet on the moors
  • Linton's health is failing - Cathy conceals this from her father
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Volume II, Chapter XIII:

  • Cathy and Nelly meet Linton on the moors
  • Linto acts as a decoy to get Nelly and Cathy back to the Heights
  • Heathcliff revels that he only cares about Linton outliving Edgar
  • Cathy and Nelly are kept prisoner at the Heights
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Volume II, Chapter XIV:

  • Five days later - Nelly allowed to return to the Grange
  • Edgar barely alive
  • She informs Edgar of Heathcliff's plan
  • He changes his will
  • Lawyer arrives too late
  • Cathy arrives on time to witness his dying moments
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Volume II, Chapter XV:

  • Heathcliff demands that Cathy returns to the Heights - wants to put a tennant in the Grange
  • Heathcliff wants to be burried next to Catherine
  • He informs Nelly about how she has haunted him
  • Returns with Cathy leaving Nelly at the Grange
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Volume II, Chapter XVI:

  • Linton dies
  • Cathy refuses friendship from Hareton and Zillah
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Volume II, Chapter XVII:

  • Narrative returns to Lockwood/present day (Important!)
  • Lockwood takes note to Cathy from Nelly
  • Tells Heathcliff he has come to terminate his tennancy
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Volume II, Chapter XVIII:

  • 1802 - Lockwood happens to be in the area again - visits the Grange
  • He visits the Heights where a picture of domestic bliss greets him
  • Nelly glad to see him - Tells him Heathcliff is dead
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Volume II, Chapter XIX:

  • Cathy and Hareton begin to negotiate their relationship under the wath of Joseph and Heathcliff
  • Heathcliffs no longer wants revenge now that it is within his reach
  • Heathcliff wants to die to be reunited with Catherine - feels as if he won't anytime soon
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Volume II, Chapter **:

  • Heathcliff is obsessed with dying
  • He finally dies threatening Nelly if she does not bury him next to Catherine he will haunt her forever
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