1.1.1 The Trinity


The Trinity is the teaching that there is only ONE God but made up of THREE persons:

  • The Father
  • The Son
  • The Holy Spirit

God the Father:

  • Creator of the universe
  • Father of Jesus
  • Loving father of all people
  • Addressed as 'Our Father'

The Son:

  • Jesus
  • Has always existed (was called 'the Word' or 'the Son' before he came to Earth) but became incarnate (human) in history for a while (around 33 years)
  • Jesus shows the human, loving side of God

The Holy Spirit:

  • Can take any form 
  • The giver of life
  • Lives inside all people and helps them to love, seek the truth and do as God wants
  • Brings people to God, comforts people, shows


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