3.2.2 Changing Places: SPECIFICATION

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  • Created on: 10-01-18 15:11 The nature and importance of places

The concept of place and the importance of place in human life and experience.

Insider and outsider perspectives on place.

Categories of place:

  • near places and far places
  • experienced places and media places.

Factors contributing to the character of places:

  • Endogenous: location, topography, physical geography, land use, built environment and infrastructure, demographic and economic characteristics.
  • Exogenous: relationships with other places. Changing places – relationships, connections, meaning and representation

In relation to the local place within which students live or study and then at least one further contrasting place and encompassing local, regional, national, international and global scales:

  • the ways in which the following factors: relationships and connections, meaning and representation, affect continuity and change in the nature of places and our understanding of place


  • the ways in which students’ own lives and those of others are affected by continuity and change in the nature of places and our understanding of place. Relationships and connections

The impact of relationships and connections on people and place with a particular focus on:


changing demographic and cultural characteristics


economic change and social inequalities.

  • How the demographic, socio-economic and cultural characteristics of places are shaped by shifting flows of people, resources, money and investment, and ideas at all scales from local to global.
  • The characteristics and impacts of external forces operating at different scales from local to global, including either government policies or the decisions of multinational corporations or the impacts of international or global institutions.
  • How past and present connections, within and beyond localities, shape places and embed them in the regional, national, international and global scales.


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