9093 Paper 4 Q2 Sample Answer

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9093/2021/P4/Specimen Paper.       

Alwaz Ali Syed A2

Question 2. 

This blog from a college of University of London, introduces the notion of Multicultural London English. MLE is actually the form of English spoken in London and it’s suburbs. As the name itself suggests it is a type of English that is constructed by a variety of cultural people from all parts of the world. It is infused of words that may not be from the RP English dialect, but still it is used by most of the people that live here for work-purpose, the young generation and the London-locals.    

MLE , is a sociolect of English which originated in inner-city London influenced by the multitudes of classes residing in the city. Previously confined to the London-boundary, it has now spread to further areas carried by the people who travel, the media advertisement and programs and various other ways which may also include the books/magazines by local writers. To illustrate this, if a person from London travels to some non-English speaking area, the native in that area would likely try to replicate his way of English- considering it to be an authentic accent. On the other side if a person travels to the English capital for trade reasons from the African continent where mostly French/ English is spoken, so he’ll communicate with the people in his own way and this refers to his idiolect. He will talk in broken English which the Englishman will have to understand and somehow it will have an influence on the MLE. It is unlikely that he’ll learn the Received Pronunciation for this purpose which is just too formal and difficult for foreigners. Similarly, if a group of people from some place such as Nicaragua, are employed in a London factory, they’ll have their own Pidgin Language which will also influence the MLE. Moreover, if the Pidgin Language gets well established in a specific radius  and its used by people in daily conversations, it may eventually become a Creole Language extending its arms further. In the same breadth molding the MLE.

The Received Pronunciation is under threat of extinction as a wide variety of English’s have emerged depending on their geography, culture, etc. These sociolects are dependent on the surrounding, social classes and norms of life that prevail in the area. At times, these sociolects combine to from a new dialect, of which a good example can be found in the English of…


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