A Leve PE - Aggression

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A Level PE - Aggression:

What is Aggression?

Aggression: Any form of behaviour directed towards the goal of harming or injuring anther living being who is motivated to avoid such treatment

Aggression in Sport:

  • In many sport, especially contact sports, aggression can be an issue
  • However, as suggested in the definition, not all forceful behaviour in sport is aggressive

There are two types of aggression:

  1. Hostile Aggression
  2. Assertive/Instrumental Aggression

Hostile Aggression:

  • Usually involves anger and injury is the primary aim
  • E.g. a rugby player who tackles another player without the ball with the sole intention of hurting them

Assertive/Instrumental Aggression:

  • Assertive/instrumental aggression is not always intended to cause harm
  • It only uses sufficient force from within the rules of the situation
  • E.g. a hard rugby tackle below the persons waist when they have the ball

Cause of Aggression:

  • The situation can cause aggression due to the level of arousal experienced by the player, e.g. I an important match a player may become over aroused and act more aggressively as a result
  • The situation can cause the individual to anticipate defeat and act aggressively towards an opponent in frustration
  • Provocation from the opposition or crowd could also cause aggressive acts

Theories of Aggression:

  1. Instinct Theory
  2. Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis
  3. Cue Arousal
  4. Social Learning Theory

Instinct Theory:

  • Suggests that humans have innate fighting instincts that have developed through evolution as a result of the idea of territory and


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