A Level PE - Goal Setting

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A Level PE - Goal Setting:

  • This is the process of setting targets
  • To increase motivation and aid performance
  • Known as target setting

Goals may be:

  • Long term/outcome goals, people that only set this type of goal are known as ‘outcome orientated’
  • Medium term/performance goals
  • Short term/Process goals

Goal Setting:

Can affect sporting performance by:

  1. Directing attention ensuring that learning is focused
  2. Regulating the amount of effort put into a given task
  3. Ensuring effort/motivation is sustain until the goal is reached
  4. Motivated individuals to develop a variety of strategies to reach their goals
  5. Provide specific feedback
  6. Makes performer concentrate on target

Goal Structure:

  • Goals should be easily attained initially
  • Goals should be progressively more difficult
  • Training goals should be planned around overall goals
  • Goals should be short term, medium term or long term
  • Goal setting should act as a means of managing anxiety or stress and increasing motivation
  • Should be realistic

Outcome Orientated (Long Term):

  • towards the end result of a sporting activity
  • E.g. to win a race or create a world record

Task Orientated - 

Performance Orientated (Medium Term):

  • Judged against other Performances
  • E.g. to beat your personal best

Process Orientated (Short Term):

  • Improve techniques
  • Short & medium term goals must help achieve long term goals
  • Goals must not be subjective goals - general statements, not measurable
  • Goals should be objective goals - defined intention to achieve, within a specific time, easier to realise as more


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