a must need to know prelude

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extract from the prelude 

william wordsworth context 

born in 1770 died 1850 

had a troubled relationship with his parents and relatives 

his parents died by the time he was a teenager he was split from his siblings and was sent to live with his uncles and grandparents who he didnt get along with either and he spent lots of time outdoors at the lake district to get away from his family at one point he felt suicidal 

he was a early supporter of french revoltion 

he embraced nature 

disillusioned with violence 

a romantic poet 

poet laurette 

context of poem itself 

he began writing this poem in 1798

he worked on it until is death 1850

the prelude is part of a plannned 3 part poem the recluse 

genre of poem is romanticism 

enlightenment poetry focused on realistic poems which instructed people 

french revolution was influenced…


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