A2 Psychology (AQA)- Studies for Aggression (genetic factors)

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A collection of studies for you to learn based on the genetic factors of aggression.

Genetic factors in aggressive behaviour

Rhee and Waldmann (2002) combine the results of SI twin and adoption studies and concluded that aggressive antisocial behaviour was largely a product of genetic contributions.

Sandberg (1967) - identified the 47 XYY karyotype in some males (1:1000) which Court-Brown suggested made these males more aggressive (based on a sample of 314 patients.)                                                                                                        -Sample size too small, cannot generalise to other people.
-more than 1:1000 males are aggressive, so although this could be a contributing factor, there must be other factors that have an impact on aggression.
-only conducted on males, which leads




are theses used as a01 points?



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