African American Civil Rights 1865-1992


Opposition to African Americans


The KKK were formed in 1865 and were initially focused on attacking Republican voters and representatives and were an underground organisation. However, as the Jim Crow laws were adopted in the South, the KKK were no longer 'necessary' and they went into decline. The first resurgence of the KKK happened around the 1920s, where the membership of the KKK peaked to around 4 million members nationwide. At this point, only WASPs were allowed to be members of the KKK and they were extremely violent towards African Americans, carrying out rapes, lynchings and beatings towards them. However, the KKK once again went into decline, due to internal stuggles and lack of funding. There was a final resurgance during the 1960s, which consisted of a few sporadic acts of violence. An example of this is the three


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