An Inspector Calls - Passage Question Ideas

  • Contrast between the moods and manners of different characters
  • Use of stage directions to communicate to other characters and the audience
  • Tension/conflict between characters (resulting from intervention by others on stage (esp. Inspector))
  • Competition for power over the situation
  • Different characters being/trying to be/wanting to be all-knowing
  • Forcing the actor to portray the character in a certain light/give the character certain characteristics during speech/movement
  • Portrayal of characters such that the audience will like/dislike them
  • Belittling characters based on the context of the setting and first performance date according to Priestley's moral message
  • Opposing beliefs
  • Revelation of each character's connections to Eva Smith
  • Dramatic irony
  • Generation gap
  • Gender divide
  • Punctuation creates pauses ==> impacts performance
  • Characterisation
    • Birling's arrogance
    • Inspector's presence
    • Changes in Sheila
  • Morality - didactic play so forces audience to think about issues of guilt, responsibility, morality etc.
  • Lexis, expression and tone of each character
  • Inspector:
    • Omniscience
    • Mysterious
    • Dominance
    • Mood
    • Approach to…


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