Animal Farm - Benjamin Character Analysis

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Animal Farm Character Analysis: Benjamin

(TL;DR at the bottom for those who don't like reading large blocks of writing :) )

Key: Quotations, Key Character Points, Links, Context

Benjamin is a donkey on Animal Farm who creates a lot of contrast to many other characters like Old Major who gives hope to those who respect him, persuading them that they can have a better life. He is a cynical donkey who is indifferent about the change brought by the rebellion, as it states that he  'did his work in the same slow obstinate way as he had done it in Jones's time', suggesting that he feels that no matter who runs the Farm, their treatment will inevitably be the same, and it does not affect him. Further supporting this, Benjamin is an allegory for the Intelligentsia, a group of Russians who grew to realise that Communism would not solve any of the injustices, and due to Benjamin being presented in a mainly negative light, illustrates the idea that Orwell felt negatively towards the Intelligentsia for realising their country's mistakes, but failing to rectify them. Evidence for this can be found in the fact that Benjamin can be argued as one of the most intelligent animals on the Farm, as he is literate and self-aware of his surroundings. However, despite his obvious knowledge of the corruption manipulating the Farm, Benjamin does not once speak up


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