Anne Hathaway Poem

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-sonnet form, immediatly creates strong impression of love

-varied sentence length reflects varies pace of poem and emphasises change in emotion

-occassional alliteration/buried rhymes (dosed/prose)

-ends with a rhyming couplet


-'spinning world'-the bed meant the world to her, positive start to poem, fast paced

-'forests, castles, torchlight, clifftops, seas'-Shakespeare took her to exciting places, like in a fairytale, places relate to Shakespeare's plays e.g seas relate to Tempest and clifftops-King Lear

-'shooting stars'-reminds us of Romeo and Juliet 'two star crossed lovers.' Shows us their love was rare and magical. Also, shooting stars are related to wishes, perhaps suggesting she wishes Shakespeare was with her now

-'I dreamed…


Lucy Ballantyne


This is excellent! Would be even better if you could include the poet's intentions! But still reallyy good x

Paul Dutton


A useful guide to the poem, briefly looking at themes and containing some key quotes.