AQA Geography - Population


Agricultural Productivity - The ratio of useful output (yield) to input, showing the efficiency of a


Arable Farming - Growing crops and plant-based foods.

Asylum Seekers - People fleeing their country of residence for international protection by another


Biologically Transmitted Disease - A disease that is passed on by a pathogen (e.g. a bacterium or

virus), causing illness, e.g. malaria

Boserup’s Theory - No matter how large the population grows, we will discover new ways to

sustain food supplies.

Commercial Farming - Agriculture with the intention of providing yields that can be sold

commercially, making a profit.

Cover Crop - A crop with a large surface area, used to cover a bare field to reduce soil erosion and

maintain the structure of the topsoil.

Crop Yield - The amount of grains, vegetables or fruits produced from a unit area of land (units =

kilograms per hectare).

Demographic Transition Model - A model describing overall population change, mortality and

fertility rates over time.

Density - The number of people per unit area (often per km2


Desertification - Fertile land becomes dry and desert-like, reducing in productivity and vulnerable to


Development Process - The process of a society advancing over time through technological

improvements, changes in knowledge and attitudes or improving the efficiency of industrial


Ecological Footprint - The amount of resources used in relation to the available resources on

Earth. A footprint larger than 1 means consumption is greater than the available resources on Earth,

making it unsustainable living.

Economic Migrants - The movement of an individual to improve their financial wealth and quality of


Epidemiological Transition Model - A model describing how morbidity varies - as a society

develops over time, infectious diseases will decrease but non-communicable diseases will increase.

Extensive Farming - Low inputs in relation to the amount of land farmed, i.e. low amounts of

labour, capital investment or stock needed to produce a sufficient yield, but without too much


Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) - An IGO which aims to improve global health by

reducing hunger.

Food Insecurity - An individual does not consume healthy food or the necessary energy input in

calories each day.

The Green Revolution - During the 1950s and 60s, more technology and efficient farming practices


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