AQA AS History His1M Progressivism 1900-1919

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How important was Roosevelt in the Progressive movement between 1900 and 1919?

·         Conservation: Newlands Act 1902- raised money from land sales to finance irrigation projects

He established a national conservation commission in 1908, set aside 148 million acres to protect timber reserves

·         Roosevelt and big business: Trustbuster- filed 44 antitrust actions against many of the country’s largest corporations such as the Northern Securities Company (controlled stock of several railroad companies)

Elkin’s Act 1903- made secret railroad rebates illegal

Hepburn Act 1906- strengthened power of interstate commerce commission by increasing membership from 5 to 7 and issuing them with the power to set maximum rates

·         Social reform: Pure Food and Drug Act said that all food had to be properly labelled

Meat Inspection Act 1908- in response to…


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