AS Geography Revision Checklist

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  • Coasts as a system (e.g. inputs, outputs, processes, energy, sediment cells)
    • Physical factors that influence coasts (tides, geology)
  • Geomorphic processes
  • Landforms of erosion
  • Landforms of deposition
  • High energy coastline (East Yorkshire coast)
  • Low energy coastline (Rhone Delta)
  • Emergent landforms
  • Submergent landforms
  • Intentional human modification (Sandbanks)
  • Unintentional human modification (New Zealand)

Changing spaces, Making Places

  • Toxteth and Lympstone
  • Social inequality (e.g. concept, how it is measured and why it varies)
  • Globalisation driving economic change (deindustialisation)
  • How economic change influences inequality
  • Cyclical economic change (booms and recessions)
  • Role of the government on inequality
  • Northwood, California and Kibera, Kenya
  • Role of players in economic change
  • Birmingham
  • Placemaking
  • How governments+organisations attract inward investment
  • Why places rebrand
  • Strategies used to rebrand (heritage, sport, art, retail, architechture and food)
  • Players and their role in…


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