AS OCR Single Award HSC Act Notes (Brief)

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Children's Act 1989 (Amended 2004)

The act gives children rights, e.g the right to be heard. Children's wishes have to be taken into consideration when making decisions concerning them.

Paramountancy Principle - Children are the most important.

Support should be provided to keep families together, where this is possible.

Courts should ensure that there are no delays - act fast.

Emergency Protection Order - this allows a child to be removed or detained for their protection.


Clearly acknowledges the rights of children & protects their welfare

Enables children to have their views heard in matters that affect them.


Court cases are held privately, so there can be no public scrutiny of procedures.

Sex Discrimination Act

Prohibits direct and indirect discrimination in employment, on the grounds of sex and marital status.

Prohibits sexual harassment.

Protects employers/employees from victimisation.

Covers marital situations, employment.

Provides definitions of direct and indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation.


Now extends to transsexuals (gender reassignment). This provides equal rights to all.

Applies to both men and women.

Employers can now be held responsible for this discrimination that occurs amonst employees, because they are meant to provide staff training against this.


Legislation does not change attitudes.

Some areas aren't covered, e.g asylum seekers and income tax.

Equal Opportunities Commission/Equality Bill

Covers race, sex, disability, age, religion.

Strengthens the law in certain situations.


Emphasis on promoting equality rather than just reducing it.

Covers a wide range of areas.


Technically, age discrimination still occurs so long as it can be justified.

Does not change attitudes.

Race Relations Act

Makes racial


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