B2 6.1 The origins of life on Earth


Key points and Learning Objectives

What is the evidence for the origins of life on Earth?

  • Fossils are some of the best evidence about the history of the Earth and they give us information about organisms that lived millions of years ago.

What are fossils?

  • Fossils are the remains of organisms from many years ago that are found in rocks, ice or other places but mainly rock. Fossils may be formed in many different ways:
  • 1. From the hard parts of animals which do not decay easily e.g. bones, teeth, claws or shells.
  • 2. By parts of organsims not decaying after death due to a lack of one or more conditions needed for decay e.g. too cold/not enough moisture/warmth or too acidic/no oxygen for decay to happen.
  • 3. The hard parts of the body(shells


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