Baddeley's study (1966) GRAVE


G: Low generalisability, ps were males & females selected from The Applied Psychology Research Unit. Results = limited due to Ps being from psychology research unit, results may not apply to those from a non-psychology background. :(

R: Study is reliable, it was conducted in a highly controlled lab environment where he used standardised procedures e.g. all Ps learned the same no. of words (10) & same prevention of rehearsal tasks to complete. There was control over extraneous variables such as noise. Study can be replicated by other researchers to see if the same results can be obtained. :)

A: Findings can be




It's intriguing to see the critical evaluation of Baddeley's study from 1966 presented here. The breakdown of its generalisability, reliability, applicability, and validity provides a comprehensive understanding of its strengths and limitations. This analysis offers valuable insights for both researchers and practitioners, highlighting the importance of considering context and methodological rigor in psychological studies