Belief about Diety

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Key terms:

Monotheism: is the belief in one God e.g. Christianity, Judiasm and Islam

Agnostic: someone who believes it's impossible to know anything about God or the creation of the universe.

Atheism: is not the disbelief in God or the denial of gods, but is a lack of belief in God

Trinity: the belief of the three things make up God-the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

Omnibenevolent: is all-loving, or infinitely good, in reference to deity or supernatural being e.g. God. 

Omnipotent: having ultimate power

Omnipresent: is the belief of that God is present everywhere at the same time

Omniscient: the knowing of everything-which is believed by Christians that God is omniscient

Immanent: existing or operation within-belief that God is permanetly prevading and substaining the universe-makes everything turn and be made

Transcendent: beyong or above the range of normal or physical human experience

Ontological arguement: the argument that God is defined as the most perfect (if existing) God who exists in the world

Cosmological arguement: is the arguement for the existence of God which claims that all things in nature do depend on a higher power, and that there must be a higher power to have made all that is…


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