Believing in God- Religous Upbringing and Religous Experience.

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Believing in God

Religous experience

Main features of a Christain upbringing

  • Liklihood of baptism-as part of this sacrament parents promise to to bring their children up as christians-encourage them to believe in God.
  • Taught to pray to God
  • Taken to church.
  • Sent to Sunday school.
  • Maybe sent to church school-taught the national curriculum in a christian enviroment.
  • Liklihood of confirmation.
  • Sacrament may involve a religous experience .

How a religous upbringing may lead to or support belief in God

  • Parents will tell children God exists and children will believe what their parents tell them.
  • Taught to pray to God-parents would not waste time praying to something that does not exist.
  • Seeing others worship in church will make them think God exists.
  • Sunday school-learn about christianity and what/why they believe in God.
  • Church school-children will believe what their teachers tell them..
  • Confirmation-learn more at confirmation lessons and possibly have a religous


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