Biology Revision Checklist


*This is a checklist of all the questions you will need to be able to answer forthe first half of the specification, from B1.1 to B1.3. You may find it helpful to print this off and tick each question off once you have revised it and can answer it easily :) 

 Diet and exercise

  • What nutrients are required for a healthy diet?
  • What are the functions of these nutrients?
  • How can a person lose body mass?
  • What is metabolic rate?
  • What factors affect it?
  • What may cause obesity and anorexia?
  • What may cause type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure?
  • What is cholesterol?
  • How does it affect the body?
  • How can it be reduced?

Infectious diseases

  • What is a pathogen?
  • What do the toxins produced by pathogens cause?
  • How do viruses reproduce?
  • Why is it difficult to treat virus infections?
  • What are the body's 4 defence barriers?
  • How do


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