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Bleeding, technically known as haemorrhaging, is the loss of blood from the circulatory system. Bleeding can occur internally where the blood leaks inside the body or externally (possibly via a opening such as ear, nose, mouth, anus (back passage), vagina or through the skin.

Types of bleeding

Arterial (bright red and spurting as it is uner pressure)

Venous (dark red) and under less pressure, it gushes rather than spurts

Capillary (bluish brusing under the skin) . Most common form that occurs in all minor injuries and oozes out 

Types of wounds

Incisions or incised wounds (clean cut caused by a sharp edge such as a knife or peice of glass)

Laceration (irregular tear like wound, usually caused by a blunt object)

Abrasion (superficial, such as a graze in which the topmost layer of the skin is scraped off)

Contusion (bruise)

Puncture (an object has penetrated into the skin)

Gunshot (bullet or missile under force penetrated the skin)

Types of wounds:

  • Incisions or Incised wounds (clean cut caused by a sharp edge such as a knife or piece of glass).
  • Laceration (irregular, tear-like wound, possibly…


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