Blood, tissue fluid and lymph

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Blood/plasma is comprised of...

  • Oxygen
  • carbon dioxide
  • salt
  • glucose fatty acids
  • amino acids 
  • hormones 
  • plasma protiens
  • erythrocytes 
  • leucocytes
  • platelets

Tissue fluid is comprised of...

  • oxygen
  • carbon dioxide
  • small white blood cells ( neutrophils) 

How tissue fluid is formed

  • Blood enters the arterial end of the capillary at a high hydrostatic pressure
  • This high hydrostatic pressure pushes the tissue fluid and smaller things such as small white bloodcells through tiny gaps in the capillary wall
  • This fluid bathes the tissues to allow the exchange of gases and neutrients across the cell surface membrane, this exchange occurs by diffusion and active transport
  • Oxygen enters the cell…


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