Broken Dreams

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"There is grey in your hair" 

- Maud!

- bit rude/tactless, blunt and abrupt. 

- pointing out that she has aged not trying to insult her.

- regret that she is growing old.

"Young men no longer suddenly catch their breath  -  When you are passing"

- not beautiful anymore - because she has aged. 

"some old gaffer mutters a blessing  -  Because it was your prayer  -  Recovered him upon the bed of death"

- saint/ angel like 

- "blessing", "prayer" - religious connotations. 

- is he the old gaffer? 

- old gaffer sounds inferior to angel like Maud.

- lots of enjambement here - rambly - getting carried away in his emotions. 

"that all heart's ache have known  -  And given to others all heart's ache"

- she causes heart ache - can't help it.

- they love her but she doesn't love them. 

"putting on  -  Burdensome beauty"

- her beauty is what causes heart ache.

- is it burdensome to her or to others? - burdensome to Yeats.

"Heaven has put away the stroke of her doom"

- she hasn't died yet - is she really that old? 

- angel/saint like. 

"So great her portion in that peace you make  -  By merely walking in a room."

- works with heaven to maintain peace - angel like duty. 

- does this huge act just by walking in the room - huge power. 

"Your beauty can leave among us  -  Vague


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