Business Ethics

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Business and Consumers
- Consumer rights were once the most important aspect in business, the products safety, quality price and customer service were all seen as the most important.
- Due to this, now consumers influence business ethics and have been instrumental in bringing about change; consumers expect businesses to show ethical responsibility in a wide way:
{e.g the treatment of employees, environment, community, working conditions etc.}
- Some companies have been the focus of consumer criticism for their focus on profit maximisation over ethical guidelines, resulting in some companies being made to change their practices.
{an example of this is the Nike and Gap child labour exposure on BBC1 Panorama}
-Anita Roddick pioneered the first ethically known business; the Body Shop. The sucess came in the mid 1980's following a change in consumer awareness on cosmetics.
-Yet, not all companies need to go to the extent of The Body Shop, simple gestures like helping at chairity events can really boost a companies perceived appearance.
- Cosumer action has proven to be very effective; as if enough consumers do not buy the product from a certain business this business will be forced to change or go bust. Ethical practices give a


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