Can we have properly basic beliefs...continued: Reformed Epistemology. J. Frye's notes.

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Reformed Epistemology:

this is the view that it is possible to have properly basic beliefs even if there is no evidence to support them, because your personal experience is sufficient "proof" to you.

ii. those who take this view emphasize the overwhelming power of religious experience to affect the person who has such an experience. They also emphasize that such experiences are a complete mystery which cannot be described in ordinary language: hence R. Otto defined religious experience as 'ineffable' (indescribable) and 'numinous' ( tremendous mystery)- a feeling which can pass over you like a tide, which can be ecstatic.

God, said Otto, is 'wholly other'.

iii. Alvin Plantinga (Reason and Belief in God) takes a similar line:

(1) he still maintains that there are properly basic beliefs

(2) e.g. ordinary ones like "i had eggs for breakfast" or "Mary looks sad"

(3) less ordinary ones such…


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