Case study: Australian drought, 2008

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Caused by El Nino - reversal of normal winter ocean currents in the Pacific Ocean

  • Currents in the ocean reverse so there is warm water in the east by South America and cold water in the west by Australia
  • Trade winds blow east over the Pacific Ocean and pick up moisture
  • Air by South American coast is heated and rises, cooling and condensing to form rainclouds
  • Thunderstrorms and heavy rain over the South American coast
  • Trade winds blow west again back over the ocean and lose moisture
  • Air descends leading to high air pressure over the Australian coast
  • Droughts occur in Australia


  • crops died due to lack of water - farmer lost income and faced ruin as loss of income meant they struggled to keep their farms running - due to this, government had to compensate to avoid food shortages
  • Drought caused ground to dry out - vegetation…


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