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Hiedi and rose are both 15 years of age. they both attend the local secondary school where they are making good progress. They have many friends who they chat to both in school and on the internet. Heidi and rose both like shopping at the nearby retail outlet and going to the cinema. Heidi has a boyfriend called Josh who she has been seeing for three months. Although Rose was happy about this, more recently she has begun to feel left out. She is upset that Heidi doesn't have the same time for her anymore

aaa= the question

aaa= example paragraphs( not always full marks!)

Questions: Identify in the correct order the two previous life stages Heidi and rose have passed through (2)


-early childhood

Describe how Rose's emotional development is being affected by Heidi's relationship with Josh(3)

points could include that Rose feels unwated, left out, jealous, angry, worried, depressed, have a lowered self-esteem and self-concept, misses her bestfriend, feels lonely, resentful, could fall out with her, sad and less imortant. e.g:

Rose feels upset about Heidi's relationship as she has begun to feel left out by Rose as she spends too much time with Josh. She has also started feeling upset as she feels that Heidi doesn't have the same time for her anymore, this could cause a lot of arguments between the two friends and could even lead to Rose becoming socially isolated. (3 marks)

Explain how the influence of friends may affect Heidi and Rose's behaviour (4)

factors could include:fit in, make new friends, socialise with new people, personalit changes, confidence may increase, pressure from peers, lifestyle choices e.g. drinking, smoking or drugs and making friends with the 'wrong crowd'. e.g.

If their friends behave and work hard at school,they will then have a positive affect on Rose and Heidi as they will want to do well like their friends.


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