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Food Poisoning Bacteria: enter food at any time shopping, storage , preperation and cooking. To avoid illness it is vital to reduce the risk of letting dangerous pathogenic bacteria enter food. Most food poisoning is caused by Campylobacter and Salmonella which are mainly found in raw meat and poultry.

For bacteria to grow they need:

  • The correct temprature
  • Time
  • Food and Moisture

If one of these conditions is controlled then there is less chance of Food Poisoning bacteria to multiply.

Time: Some Bacteria can divide in two every 10 minutes so after 2 - 3 hours food which contains oly a few bacteria will contain enough o cause an outbreak of food poisoning if kept in the danger zone.

High Risk Foods :

Bacteria like mosit high protein foods especially cooked meat, dairy cooked eggs , shellfish and cooked rice.

Reporting Food Poisoning:

In the uk food poisoning is a notifiable disease and all cases should be reported by a general practitioner to the local health authority, they inspect food serving premisies to identify the casue of illness and to prevent it happening again . Food poisoning is a wide spread problem , government guidlines should be displayed in shops state babies, elderly , people recoverin rom illness and pregnant women should never eat raw or undercooked eggs in anyform. pregnant women should also avoid soft cheese pate or under heated cook-chill food.

10 main reasons for food poisoning:

  • food prepared too…


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