chapter 3 - Dr Jekyll was quite at ease


Jekyll is a popular respectable man 

  • Jekyll invites Utterson and some other "intelligant, reputable" upper-class men to one of his dinner parties.
  • This relects the social circle that Jekyll moves in
  • His dinner parties show that he's a sociable man who fits in with respectable Victorian upper-class society
  • Jekyll is described as a kind man.
  • Jekyll has a "slyish cast" which hints that he's hiding something or has a darker isde to his personality 

Utterson tries to talk to Jeykll about his will 

  • Utterson questions Jekyll about the will as he treats the mystery as a case that can be solved rationally
  • Jekyll tries to hide the fact that he doesn't wantt to discuss it and changes the subject to talk about Lannyon
  • This makes the reader curious about why he can't tell his close freind and lawyer what's going on
  • Jekyll sees Lannyon as "ignorant" because he


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