Christian Approach and Homosexuality

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  • In western society - and in the UK in particular - there's a growing assumption that theres no moral issue about same sex relationships beyond the issues that apply to heterosexual relationships.
  • However there is still a stigma attached to homosexuality and there are strongly held views that it's immoral. e.g. the recent nail bombing of a gay bar in London's Soho district which illustrates the extent of the hostility felt by some towards the homosexual community & in the early part of the twentieth century, homosexual acts were crimes, and homosexuality was considered a mental illness leading to killings
  • Since the Wolfenden Report in 1957, and its




good but you can say about what  the different types of churches say about it and what  the bible also says :) thanks anyway though



This resource is out of date. Legal and theological positions on same sex marriage have changed considerably since 2011