Christian Wedding Ceremony- Relationship Ethics




Why People such as Christians decide to get married in a church?

  1. To feel closer to God, for a Christian who is religious they may feel that it is highly important to mark a special event in their lives in the presence of God.
  2. A church is a religious place, therefore Christians can show their will to God by following His intentions for man and woman to be together- shown in the Bible- Eve made as a companion for Adam.
  3. For not vey religious people or Atheists, marrying in a church may be done to please their family who may be religious.
  4. For not very religious people, a wedding in a church may be a chance for the couple to become closer to God and their religion. As they are starting a new life together, the wedding in a church could symbolise the fresh start to religion the couple intend to act as well as a better relationship with God. (Start anew)
  5. Some unreligious people may see the glamour aspects of the church and therefore want to get married there (i.e. - traditional ‘white wedding in a church’).
  6. Not very religious people may feel as though getting married in a church is the only point at which they can feel close to God and Christianity in their lives.

Why do People decide to live together (co-habitation) before marriage or instead of marriage? 

  1. A couple may want to have prep before they start a new life together i.e. testing to see how compatible they are living together proving if marriage is the right step for them to take.
  2. A couple would rather live together to save the hassle of going through a divorce if their relationship doesn’t work out. Therefore it’s more practical to live together and doesn’t provide suffering consequences for children to see a divorce take place.
  3. It’s more cost effective living together; they don’t have to pay for a wedding and would rather focus on more ‘important things’ such as bills for a house e.t.c.
  4. Some couples see marriage as a bad omen which is seen as a main cause for a breakdown in a relationship therefore couples don’t decide to go through marriage for the sake of their…


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