Christianity, the Trinity and the creation story. (Genisis ch 1 and 2)


There are branches of Christianity. The roman catholic, who respect the authority of the Bible and church conditions. There are also Protestants who go by the teaching and the practices of the Bible instead of church traditions.

Beliefs and the nature of God:

Omnipotent- God is all powerful

Omnibenevolent- God is loving and caring

Omniscient- God knows everything.

Christians believe in God as the Trinity: The father, the son and the holy spirit 

The Nicene Creed describes bow Christians see god: 

"we believe God, the father, the creator of heaven and the earth ... We believe in our Lord Jesus, the son to god ... we Believe in the holy spirit, the giver of life. 


In Genisis, chapter 1 it says that God created the earth in 6 days and on the 7th day it states that God rested.


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