Computing comp 2 Machine level Architecture

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Computer architecture

  • What are the three components of the three box model?
  • Explain what the components do or their function? (characteristics of a processor)
  • What are the three different types of memory and explain the difference
  • What is secondary storage?
  • What are the three busses and explain the function of each one
  • What is a peripheral?
  • Draw the three box model showing the bus structure
  • What is addressable memory
  • What is a memory address?




There is some complexity to be aware of here. First, don't worry too much it's not on the test. But learning this will help you paint a more realistic picture in your mind when you think about how computers work. I suggest you check and learn more interesting things about the window machine. I'll go over each part and talk about what's going on inside your computer, which will also give us a better understanding of how to change things as well.