Condensed Aeneid


Key themes:


  • mezentius "Now you killed my son, you savage, you need not try to frighten me ...  i have come to die" - symphathy for a villainous character
  • Aeneas&Pallas link to Marcelleus and Augustus
  • "Ascanius in an armed embrace and kissed him lightly through his helmet"
  • Leaves Dido bcs Mercury reminds him pof Ascanius' fate
  • Jupiter &Mercury
    • "The relationship between father and don is the closest bond in the Aeneid" (Sowerby)
    • "Father-son relationship and suffering are central to the plot" (Cowan)


  • Aeneas killing spree= "hot fury" "plunged into his breast" and killing "everything that stood before him"
  • Ignores Turnus' mercy "if any thought to my unhgappy father can touch you, i beg of you"
  • Turnus- "blazing with rage", wearing the "fatal baldrich"
  • Symbol of fire- dido (death), ships via women in sciliy


  • Aeneas follows Tiber advice in a dream and makes offering to Juno before the battle
  • "I am…


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