Conflict Cluster (poetry)

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Poetry - Conflict Cluster 


  • Repetition illustrating the insignificance and worthlessness of a flag 'It's just a piece of cloth' 

  • Rhetorical question - almost as if the questioner doesn't understand why the flag is so revered and worshiped - downplays the flag - allows the reader to see a flag as just a piece of cloth without being blinded by nationalism. 

  • Juxtaposition (2nd and 3rd line contrast) - 3 lines sharp and concise, there is no argument to the power of a flag given to it by humans 

  • Perhaps its just a tool used by militaristic, powerful men to get the people to adhere to their imperialistic ideas; it's a tool of manipulation. 


Out of the Blue 

  • Literal language used to illustrate the reality of the situation - normal person ' a bird goes by' - effect of conflict 

  • Alliteration - Frustration, almost as if the only way he can be heard is through repeating it - Desperation 

  • Personification - Unbearable - and suggests pain and anguish - thoughts racing in his head.  

  • Everyday images are used almost as if things are surreal - oblivious to the noise below, contrast with 'bullying, driving'. Rhetorical question confirms this. 

Mametz Wood 

  • Metaphors - gives the soldiers importance and illustrates how delicate they were, yet they were left wasted. 

  • Nature - wise, affected and still remembers despite everyone else forgetting. Commemorates their lives. 

  • Literal Language and controlled 3 line structure - brutality of war, treated like animals (20 men buried together in one long grave)
  • Imagery - clear image that depicts how they looked 'In boots that outlasted them' ....Idea of wasted young is illustrated.

The Yellow Palm

  • Juxtaposition - Beauty contrasted with pollution and gore - illustrates destruction of a once beautiful city by conflict 'Yellow Palm'
  • Alliteration - 'Blind Beggars' a common occurrence in the city perhaps because of  war?
  • Repetition of 'As I made......' - Literal view of how the city is and the damage that has been done to it 
  • Regular structure/pattern changed in last stanza 'child reached up to touch....' - perhaps new generation will bring hope to a city absorbed in conflict.

The Right Word

  • Built around a single image - someone trying to see beyond the facade of a persona 'Terrorist ----child'
  • Direct address to reader - perhaps we are blinded by stereotypes - lack of communication and not trying to see beyond the external portrayal of a person is the cause of conflict?
  • Literal and Metaphorical - 'eyes too hard...hands too steady' - perhaps because of what he has been subjected to
  • Mother's perspective - sympathetic - creates a sense of realism and forces us to rid ourselves of our stereotypes
  • Explores stereotypes and condemns them - every guerrilla warrior or hostile militant is a human being... a child.

At the border

  • Deliberate Ambiguity to suggest how humans have erected borders for themselves that nature didn't set (perhaps the cause of conflict)
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