Congress, oversight and representation


Congress and Oversight 

  • Congress has effective power over the president, shut down in 2019 over Trump building the wall 
  • However President does have ways to bypass congress, Trump declaring a national emergency in order to build his wall 
  • During divided government congress performs its oversight function very effectively, rejection of Merick Garland in 2016 
  • However it could be argued that during a united government it is a lot weaker at performing oversight, Brett Cavanaugh allowed in in 2018 despite claims of sexual harrassment due to a republican senate 
  • Congress also has good oversight due to impeachment, Bill Clinton being impeached over Lowinski scandal in 1998 
  • However Bill Clinton was let off by the senate, shows how actuall Presidents can get away with a lot if they have public support 
  • Congress also has


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