CONTEXT - Watching the Fire Eater

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General context is in black, and the coloured writing relates back to Minhinnick's work. The revision resources for this book are limited, so this was the best I could find

Environmental Issues

  • The reality of climate change became prominent in the 1980s
  • The detection of the 'hole' in he ozone layer in the mid 1980s catalysed a series of agreements and much activism 
  • The use of coal for power increased, but there was also a steady rise in nuclear power, hydroelectricity and other renewable sources of energy
  • From 1980-2000 global plastic production increased
  • Chamber of Horrors discusses the use of nuclear power
  • Other environmental issues are discussed in Rio de Journal, Feeding the Baby, The Scheme of Things and Breath of the Dragon

Psychological Issues

  • In the 1990s under Labour, there was an increase in…


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