Contra-indications for facial treatments


Contra-indication - something that affects the treatment from going ahead.

Medically contra-indicated - need GP permission and referral before carrying out the treatment.

Prevent - the treatment CANNOT go ahead.

Restrict - the treatment CAN go ahead but it needs to be adapted, or needs a GP referral. 


Medical Contra-indications

Acne Vulgaris - condition that is linked to the hormones and is most common in teenage years. It includes inflamed skin, papules (angry/red spots), pustules (whiteheads), comedones, open pores and seborrhoea (greasy shine).

Boil - a red, raised painful lump will appear around a hair follicle and then pus will develop. It also extends deeply into the skin.

Dermatitis - inflammatory skin disorder where the skin becomes red, swollen and itchy with the possibility of blisters and pus. 

Eczema - reddening of the skin with swelling, dryness…


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