Creation of the 2nd REPUBLIC SPAIN

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Republicans gain support 1929 economic slump.

April 1931 national election forced by deteriorating gov (last democratic election was 60 yrs)

12th April 1931 landslide victory for republican

      | support in large cities & urban areas & working classes 

SSR proclaimed on 4th April 1931 

     | new regime called 'La Nina Bonita\

     | 400 elected deputies had support for a Republican political structures

     | under 50 classes as official opponents.

     | had public enthusiasm > military respected the public verdict as they had grown          disillusioned with monarchical rule and unwilling to defend previous regime.     

(Stanley Payne ' "unique event...  major step towards democracy in Europe during decade of economic & political crisis")

Monarch formally abolished

| king and his elites went into exile > prominent opposition to new regime

hereditary aristocracy established = firm opponent 

26 parties in Constituent Cortes

> indicated…


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