Diarrhoea Medications

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Diarrhoea will usually clear up without treatment after a few day, particularly if its caused by an infection. 

Drink plently of water to avoid dehydration. Adults should drink liquids that contain water, salts and sugars. Fruit juice and fizzy drinks should be avoided 

Zinc supplements - reduce the duration of diarrhoe episode by 25% and are associated with a 30% reduction in stool volume. 

Oral Rehydration solutions: used to prevent dehydration if youre at risk. Usually comes in the form of rehydration sachets. They are dissolve din water and replace salt, glucose and othe important minerals that are lost if you are dehydrated. Oral rehydration therapy doesn't offer rapid relief of diarrhoeal symptoms which can lead to inappropuate use of antimicrobial agents with the consequent risk of developing antimicrobial resistance

Antidiarrhoeal medication: help reduce diarrhoea and slightly shorten how long it lasts. However, they're not usually necessary 

Antimotility - Loperamide - main antidiarrhoeal medcine sed as…


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