Direct democracy

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Direct Democracy

  • Example: Switzerland

  • The citizens vote laws themselves and who the president/ prime minister is


  • Genuine democracy - direct democracy is the only pure form of democracy, the laws are made by the people this ensures that the people will obey because you are governing yourself.

  • Enables personal development - direct democracy creates a more knowledgeable and well informed citizen as they are 'directly' involved in modern politics.

  • Legitimate government - the rules are made by the people therefore, people are more likely to accept those decisions. when the decisions are made themselves, citizens will need to take responsibility for it, there is no one to blame. this ensures a stable government.

  • Ends professional politics - in representative democracy, the people place to much faith into politicians who sometimes do not listen to their opinions, they normally impose their own views, with direct democracy, Direct democracy, reduce/removes this.


  • Regular participation in politics - the people are directly involves in modern politics on a daily basis, they have less time to do 'normal' everyday duties. Direct democracy limits the freedom of the people.

  • unacknowledged citizens - less informed people about politics are making decisions on policies such as types of law. In a representative democracy, politicians are well informed about politics and the


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