distinctive features of the ontological argument

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discuss the distinctive feautures FOR the ontological argument (18 marks)


The ontological is a unique argument for the existence of god. The word ontological derives from the greek word 'ontos', meaning exisiting/being. The argument is A Priori, as it maintains that Gods existence does not rely on empirical evidence, but from reasoning which can be found purley from logic. It is also deductive as the premisis are true, making the conclusion a logical consequence. Unlike other arguments, the ontological argument is ananlytic. Therefore the concept of the pedicatie is contained in the concept of the subject. The predicate does not add anything to our knowledge of the concept of God, making it true by definition. 

(always relate back to the question and use the key words) 

Anselm-1st form;

St Anselm archbishop of Cantubry put forward the his first argument for the existence of God in his book 'The proslogian'. Anselm aimed to establish the fact of Gods existence. He began by defining God as 'that than which nothing greater can be concieved'. He argued that all humans (athiest or thiest) have the ability to entertain the concept of God in their mind or undersanding (intellectu). He refferd to psalm 14:1, 'the fool says in his heart their is no God'. Which supports his argument that in order to deny the exisitence of God the atheist (fool) must first presuppose the idea of…


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