Dr jekyll and mr hyde worked answer



Robert Louis Stevenson: The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde 

Read the following extract from chapter 10 and the answer the question that follows

In this extract Dr Jekyll is remembering the first time he transformed into Hyde without meaning to do so

Starting with this extract how does Stevenson present Dr Jekyll as powerless to control Mr Hyde. Write about:

·         How Stevenson presents Dr Jekyll in this extract 

·         How Stevenson presents Dr Jekyll as powerless to control my Hyde in the novel as a whole


When jekyll awakes we are told, “it was in vain….”.this tells us that he thought he would be and is therefore not in control at this pain he is not unduly worried. “Began to lazily inquire….”.this shows that he is aware something is wrong and not yet, frightened then we are told he sees that hand of Hyde at this point. He is really shocked and amazed.stenvenson describes the realization


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