Duchess of Malfi Synopsis and Characters

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  • Italy over the period 1504 to 1510.
  • The recently widowed Duchess falls in love with Antonio, a lowly steward, but her brothers, not wishing her to share their inheritance, forbid her from remarrying. She marries Antonio in secret, and bears him several children.
  • The Duchess' lunatic and incestuously obsessed brother Ferdinand threatens and disowns her.
  • In an attempt to escape, the Duchess and Antonio concoct a story that Antonio has swindled her out of her fortune and has to flee into exile.
  • She takes Bosola into her confidence, not knowing that he is Ferdinand's spy, and arranges that he will deliver her jewelry to Antonio at his hiding-place in
  • Ancona
  •   She will join them later, whilst pretending to make a pilgrimage to a town nearby.
  • The Cardinal hears of the plan, instructs Bosola to banish the two lovers,




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