Easter 1916


Easter 1916

·         ABAB rhyme scheme

·         Eulogy

·         Nationalism/Irish concerns

o   Winged horse- images of release for Ireland

o   Changed in his turn- become a martyr/hero- passive verb suggests that heroism is imposed on McBride. Will always be remembered as a hero, despite his nature in life- link to Yeats’ desires in Sailing to Byzantium

o   Hearts- synecdoche, hearts to represent all the people. Representative of passion

o   Range/tumbling- freedom, connects the nationalist fight to the freedom of nature, suggests that an independent Ireland is natural

o   Trouble the living stream- life changing, halts the flow however the flow of life will continue nevertheless.

o   Name upon name/ Now and in time to be, Wherever green is worn, Are changed, changed utterly- the amount of heroes seem endless, pass down the tale – in some ways become immortal through the legend of their heroism. Romantic/ artistic?

o   Was it needless death after all? – considers the worth of the uprising.

o   Excess of love- excessive patriotism, possibly suggests it went too far

o   They dreamed and are dead- bitter- dreaming leads to death so why bother?

o   Vivid- suggests the enthusiasm


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