Edexcel US Politics (SENECA)


enumerated powers - powers that are explicitly given to each branch of govt

implied powers - those that are suggested or are required for enumerated powers to be used

(Article I Section 8)

vagueness of the constitution - (enumerated powers of the congress = can tax citizens, can spend this money in power to issue a currency 

implied powers to make all laws 'necessary and proper' for its ability to rule 

advantages of the nature of the constitution - (vaguness) allows it to adapt to the modern world as it can be interpreted to mean different things

entrenchment - preserves the intentions of the Founding fathers and prevents populists movements from making drastic changes 

simplicity - allows all citizens to clearly understand/know their rights 

clarity - clearily outlined structure of the government with separation of powers between 3 branches (prevents one group from holding too much power) 

disadvantages of the nature of constitution - ELASTIC CLAUSE extent of federal government unclear 'necessary and proper' (quote) power of the federal government has expanded since the creation of the constitution. 

difficult to amend - entrenchment makes it hard to amend 

vagueness - some aspects too vague thus can be interpreted different ways, final say to the SC (ultimate say regarding important constitutional…


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