Edexcel A2 Psychology - Child Psychology: Curtiss's Study of Genie

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· The aim of Curtiss’s study was primarily to help Genie, although a secondary aim was to see whether a privated child could return to normal society.

· At the beginning of the study, Genie was 13 years old. She could not speak and had difficulties with her motor skills. She could understand a few words, and tried to imitate words which were said to her. Researchers observed Genie’s behaviours, doctors made daily reports on her and various video tapes and recordings were made of her. There were weekly interviews with Genie’s mother although these were deemed to be unreliable as she seemed to display demand characteristics. Psychometric testing, such as language tests, were also used.

· Genie’s initial progress was good, and her cognitive and intellectual development was improved. In some activities she was at the level of an 8 or 9 year old, but in others the level of a 2 year old. Gradually, her language began to develop and she began to ask about the things in her environment. She later moved to a rehabilitation centre, where her development was good, but abnormal. For example, she seemed to have delayed responses when asked to do something. She also took the path of least effort in tasks, and appeared lazy.

· It was


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