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Evidence that ethnicity affects attainment

  • Chinese girls and boys achieve higher than all other groups with aboe 80% achieving at least 5 gcses. With free school meals (deprivation) having no affect on attainment. 
  • In all social groups girls achieve higher than boys. 
  • Black Afro carribeans students are three times more likely to be excluded from school than white students. 
  • The performance of students with English as a secong language varies from group to group- however they are know to make more progress between stages than any other group. 

External (out of school) factors 

Material deprivation:

  • Platt: the highest rates of hourly pay for male full time employees followed patterns of achievemnt- with Chinese earning the most, however some patterns do not fit with Black Africans earning the fourth highest wage- meaning you may expect attainment to be higher. 
  • In all ethnic groups pupils on free school meals do less well than students not. However this gap is the biggest when looking at White British student- so this cannot be explained by marterial deprivation alone. 
  • Modood: argues that many ethnic minority parents have more cultural capital than is typical for their class or income. If they have recently migrated, they are most likely to have been downwardly mobile as were not able to find jobs in line with their skills, this means they are more educated than White British parents of the same class so can help children more. 

Cultural deprivation:

  • Archer and Francis: Chinese parents placed an exeptionally high value on education and pressure to do well motivated students. 
  • Basit: Looked at three generations of the Britsh Muslim community, all generation saw free state education as a 'blessing' and so parents placed considerable effort into helping children with school no matter the wealth of the household, as eduation was viewed as the most important capital a young person could aquire. Tried to get students into grammer schools if could ot move to areas with the best schools 
  • Connor: found that amoung year 13s the most positive attitudes to school were the strongest amonst Black Africans planning to go into HE. 
  • Sewell: attached the low attainment of


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