Education Topic 6 - Educational attainment and ethnicity


Some ethnic groups over-attain against the average, but other ethnic groups do badly against the average and against children of similar ethnicity in the home country, suggesting serious issue with culture and with the education system. The solution to the problem is to suggest the education system is institutionally racist and there is evidence for this. However. if this was the sole reason for under-attainment, it would not explain why some under-performing groups are not actually from minorities.


  • Britain is multicultural society with a long history of immigration of minority ethnic groups and non-white people have long been part of the population of Britain

  • Migrations from Ireland, Netherlands, France and Poland were linked to war and religion

  • Non-white migrants (Somalians and Chinese) arrived in the 1830's

  • Slavery was also an important part of the economy until 1833, so there is plenty of evidence of African and West Indian origin people in the population

  • Recent migrants


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